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South LA’s Time is Now

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the 1992 Uprising, a moment to examine the health of South Los Angeles and ask whether enough has changed since residents took to the streets.

Join us at the 2nd annual People Power Convention as we explore new dimensions of art, culture, community and activism to express a new vision for South LA 25 years after the uprising. We, the people, know what our community needs, and through community organizing, we can elevate the conditions of our schools, parks, neighborhoods and other community assets to create a safer, more prosperous South LA.

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Keynote Speaker

Susan Burton

Founder and Executive Director of A New Way of Life 

Author of Becoming Ms. Burton: From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women

Following the tragic accidental death of her five-year-old son, Susan’s world collapsed. Her loss snapped the final tether of resilience burdened by a past of pain and trauma.  She descended into an emotional abyss of darkness and despair, yet was not offered the resources needed to heal. Without support, she turned to drugs and alcohol which led to nearly 20 years revolving through cycles of incarceration.

Drawing on her personal experiences, she founded A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project (ANWOL) in 1998, dedicating her life to helping others break the cycle of incarceration.  ANWOL provides resources such as housing, case management, employment, legal services, leadership development and community organizing on behalf of, and with, people who struggle to rebuild their lives after incarceration.

Susan’s memoir, “BECOMING MS. BURTON” was released in May of 2017.

Workshop Speakers

Reverend Sauls

Senior Pastor, Holman United Methodist Church

Hector Villagra

Executive Director, ACLU of Southern California

Gloria Medina 

Training Director, SCOPE

Tunua Thrash-Ntuk

Executive Director, LISC

Samantha Christian

Union Representative, UFCW Local 770

Keshia Sexton

Director of Organizing, LA Neighborhood Land Trust

Jean Tong

Lead Organizer, UFCW Local 770

Laura Zavala 

Director of Policy and Research, Inner City Struggle

Monica Embrey

Organizing Coordinator, CA Calls

Silvia Marroquin

Organizer, SAJE

Marjon Kashani

Organizing Coordinator, CA Calls

Program Information

Convention Events Schedule

9am: Registration

10am: Welcome and Opening Presentation

10:30am: Keynote Speaker

11am: Workshop Session 1

12:15pm: Workshop Session 2

1:30pm: Lunch & Resource Fair

2pm: Closing Plenary

Workshop Series 1: 11am – 12:10pm

Policing in the Age of Law and Order: Join the conversation about the criminalization of people of color where we will discuss bias law enforcement practices, mass incarceration, and deportation. Learn from movement builders how we can protect and defend each other’s rights. Speakers: Hector Villagra, Executive Director, ACLU; Rev. Kelvin Sauls, Senior Pastor, Holman United Methodist Church; Karren Lane, Vice President of Policy, Community Coalition.

South LA is our Home: Let’s Keep it that Way: South LA is experiencing a housing crisis with rising rents, homelessness and displacement/gentrification. Learn about recent policies and opportunities in the pipeline that will help South LA residents fight for, and remain in their community. Speakers: Joe Donlin, Director of Equitable Development, SAJE; Silvia Marroquin, Organizer, SAJE; Tunua Thrash, Executive Director, LISC. 

You, Me & Mary Jane: The “War on Drugs” during the 1980’s and 1990’s led to a breakdown of the social fabric of South LA by heavily incarcerating our community. Join the conversation to learn about the implications of new drug policies, like the legalization of Marijuana, and its potential unintended consequences on communities of color. Speakers: Dr. Monica Sanchez, Prevention Director, LACOE; Jean Tong, Lead Organizer, UFCW Local 770, Samantha Christian, Union Representative, UFCW 770.

Workshop Series 2: 12:15pm – 1:25pm

Brighter than Blight: The quality of life in South LA continues to be negatively impacted by neglected and nuisance sites that include unsafe parks, high concentrations of smoke shops, and undeveloped plots of land. Learn about ways we can bring assets to South LA and ensure that businesses operate in ways that respect our community. Speakers: Joanne Kim, Capitol Projects, LA City Council District 8; Joyce Fantroy, Community Coalition Member; Elida Mendez, Community Coalition Member; Karla Acosta, Community Coalition Member.

People Power and Politics: Learn how you can help build a powerful voice for South LA. Explore how the use of collective civic action empowers everyday people to shape the public debate and hold elected officials accountable. Speakers: Monica Embrey, Organizing Coordinator, CA Calls; Marjon Kashani, Organizing Coordinator, CA Calls.

Vibrant Spaces: Reclaim our Parks: Join efforts to transform parks into safe and clean spaces for youth and families to enjoy. Learn ways in which you can organize your neighborhood to transform your local park. SpeakersKevin “Twin” Orange, Interventionist, APUU & Safe Passages; Keshia, Director of Organizing, LA Neighborhood Land Trust; Gustavo Trujillo, Resident of Green Meadows, Member of Community Coalition.

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