Putting People First!

The theme of this year’s convention is “People First” and we will be launching the People First Platform, our agenda to build a prosperous community for Black and Brown families in South LA.

Developed with the involvement of thousands of South LA youth and residents, the People First Platform is a community vision that places people first: people before corporations, bail bond industries, absentee landowners, or other special interests.

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Convention Events Schedule

9 am: Registration and Breakfast

10 am: Welcome and Opening Remarks

10:30 am: Keynote

11 am: Workshop Session 1

12:15 pm: Workshop Session 2

1:30 pm: Lunch & Entertainment

1:45 pm: Resource Fair

Workshop Series 1: 11am – 12:10pm

The People’s Land: Economic Development vs. Gentrification – South LA has faced decades of disinvestment, neglect and underdevelopment which has resulted in an oversaturation of nuisance sights and vacant lots. With the arrival of the metro line and a new wave of economic development, the community is starting to see a shift in demographics and often at the expense of longtime South LA residents (e.g. displacement, homelessness). This workshop will engage participants in a dialogue about the opportunities and the implications that come with economic development in South Los Angeles.

The People’s Schools: Student Equity Need Index 2.0 – Dollars for our Students -Historic disinvestment and under-resourced of schools where Black and Latino students are the majority further perpetuates in-equity, often rendering them invisible. Public education plays a significant role in eliminating poverty and systemic racism for the future of all Angelenos. Community Coalition, Inner City Struggle and Advancement Project recently won a campaign that prioritizes $263 million for highest needs schools using the Student Equity Needs Index 2.0. In this session, participants build out an action plan to ensure that the money is allocated to highest needs schools to close the achievement gap for Black and Brown students.

The People’s JusticeBail Reform – In Los Angeles, 53% of the jail population is in pre-trial detention due to the inability to post bail. In 2017, South Los Angeles residents spent millions of dollars in non-refundable bail deposits. The bail system preys on Black and Latino communities, separates families and contributes to racial and economic disparities. In this session, residents will engage in a dialogue to build a multi-year campaign that comprehensively ends cash bail by implementing community-based solutions that places people before the bail bonds companies.

The People’s Wealth: Closing the Corporate Tax Loophole – Every year, poor working communities lose billions of dollars for parks, schools, libraries, and other local services because corporations don’t pay their fair share in taxes. The passage of Proposition 13 (1978) gutted the public sector and has allowed corporations to keep $9-11 billion in tax revenue that could be used to rebuild Black and Latino communities across California. In Los Angeles County, $1.8 billion in annual state funds can be generated by just closing the corporate tax loophole. In this session, residents will discuss the statewide efforts to reform Prop 13 and opportunities to take action.


Workshop Series 2: 12:15pm – 1:25pm

The People’s SafetyCommunity Safety – For the People, By the People – This session comes at the heels of the national movements of Black and Latino communities fighting to build communities that are thriving, resilient and free from state terror. In this session, residents will participate in a dialogue and learn about opportunities that promote transparency for officer-involved shootings, end of deadly force and full accountability.

The People’s House: Homelessness in Los Angeles – Over the past decade homelessness in the city of Los Angeles has been on a historic rise. With this rise also came a larger spotlight on efforts, and the lack thereof, being done to address the problem. As this spotlight brightens, the stories of the individuals most impacted by the issue are dimmed, stigmatized or are removed altogether. This workshop seeks to humanize the experiences of those impacted by providing a space for them to share their stories, their experiences trying to access resources and the conditions that led to their homelessness.

The People’s JobsWorkforce Development – Historcially, job creation has been an unfulfilled promise made to communities of color. This workshop will explore the opportunities and challenges that exist within the current landscape and will discuss the work being done at the local level to ensure the creation of equitable career pathways for our residents and youth.

The People’s Health: The Legalization of Marijuana and its Implications – Historically, communities of color have been criminalized for the use and/or distribution of marijuana. Often times the punishment for either of these activities is much more severe for black and brown communities. With the recent legalization of marijuana, many viewed the opportunity as either a possibility for new entrepreneurial opportunities or as another way to disadvantage communities of colors. This workshop will allow participants to learn about the work being done to ensure that there are equitable practices at both the entrepreneurial level and the enforcement level.

The South Los Angeles Tour – For decades, a narrative has been shaped about South Los Angeles that further perpetuates neglect and disinvestment. In this session, participants will have the opportunity to join a physical tour of South LA to demystify the stigma of South LA. Participants will hear from South LA residents about the rich history of the community, its growth, and the efforts being forth to improve the conditions.

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